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California Adventist Federal Credit Union

Serving the Community Since 1952

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Our Services

Regular Share Savings Account

 It is the base unit membership (a requirement). This type of savings deposit earns daily interest but pays quarterly.

Certificate of Deposit Savings Account (CD)

It is a type of account that is prearranged fixed period and fixed rate of interest. Early termination of the committed deposit causes a penalty.

Money Market Savings Account

Out Money Market Savings Accounts are a secondary type of investment savings where higher yielding interest is paid quarterly.

Minimum Balance: $75,000

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Need help preparing for retirement? We offer IRAs and Roth IRAs which are tax-sheltered savings plans for retirement and/or future needs.

Christmas Club Savings Account

Prepare for the Holidays! This savings account designed to help members save up for the holiday season with higher yielding interest rates!

Maximum Balance = $2,500

Funds Available Beginning November 1

Scottie Savers Account

A savings account designed to help minors start saving monthly! Understanding how to save is important! Let us help you set your child up for success today!

What We Offer:

Need a Loan?

We offer a wide variety of loan products for all kinds of purchases and purposes!

  • Cars (New/Used)

  • Personal (Secured/Unsecured)

  • Business Loans

  • Credit Card Buster (Debt Consolidation)

  • Loan Pre-Approvals

  • Share or CD Loans (secured by savings account)

  • Real Estate Loans (1st & 2nd Trust Deed)

  • Vacation Loans

  • Holiday Loans

  • Signature Loans

  • Emergency Loans (7-7-17 Plan)

  • All Purpose Loans

Other Added Services:

  • Family Membership

  • Share Draft (low cost checking account)

    • BillPay​

    • Zelle

  • VISA Credit Cards (7.90% APR)

  • VISA Debit Cards

  • Direct Deposit Receiver

  • ACH Receiver (electronic funds transfers)

  • Wire Transfer

  • Online Banking/Mobile App

  • E-Statements

  • Bilingual Staff

  • Notary Public

  • 24-Hour Service Help Line
      +(800) 794 - 5696

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