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California Adventist Federal Credit Union Loans

Serving the Community Since 1952


Match or Beat Rates

CAFCU will MEET or BEAT your current lender or dealer rate as listed when verified in writing. Other promotional rates offered are available and could be considered by CAFCU. *All Loans services are subject to other terms and conditions.

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Competitive Rates and Rewards

Our rates and rewards are designed to help you get the most out of your money. From low interest rates on loans to high-yield savings accounts, we have everything you need to make the most of your finances.

Car Loan Rates
Car Loan Calculator

Loan Plans: We will "MEET or BEAT."

Types of Loans We Offer:

We offer a wide variety of loan products for all kinds of purchases and purposes!

  • Cars (New/Used)

  • Personal (Secured/Unsecured)

  • Business Loans

  • Credit Card Buster (Debt Consolidation)

  • Loan Pre-Approvals

  • Share or CD Loans (secured by savings account)

  • Real Estate Loans (1st & 2nd Trust Deed)

  • Vacation Loans

  • Holiday Loans

  • Signature Loans

  • Emergency Loans (7-7-17 Plan)

  • All Purpose Loans

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